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I really do love all the designs we make here at Good Patriot but sometimes...


..one of these shows up and I think, "do I really need to sell that one?"


You can't keep them all.


So here it is in all its wood grain and black leather (that's bad ass like a Harley biker gang but with the class of George Washington) glory. 


Screaming cool design and demanding respect for the values we patriotic Americans build our foundation on, this sign would look pretty darn perfect in almost any decor. 


It's easy to hang - lightweight - all you need is a nail. Or, you can hang it on the knob of a cabinet or even the back of a chair. 


Just know, when you get this beauty in the mail and there are tear stains on the outer packaging - those were tears of joy. It found the home of a patriot - and that's where it belongs. 



  • supple black leather
  • antiqued nail heads
  • natural stain wood and black wax text

Dimensions: 9" x 12" (with a 6" handle drop)


We do REFUND any shipping overages if they apply!


Have any questions abut this piece? Ask away! We're here to help. 

American Values -natural wood & black