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+ The average bar of soap is about 4 ounces - these are 5.4 ounces - hefty.

+ The average bar of soap is full of harsh chemicals and fragrances that strip your skin of moisture. - These do the opposite because 100% natural ingredients and grass-fed beef tallow feed your skin with moisture while they clean.

+ The average bar of soap doesn't support families that share your values - these bars support TWO!


SPAAAHH DAY is our luxurious bar that reminds me of a time long, long ago when life was nomal and I actually treated myself to an organic spa massage and it smelled like this bar - clean, special, herby and good for you. This bar is great for all parts of the body that have skin, but especially the face. 


Ingredients: (saponified oils of: hemp, coconut, grass-fed beef tallow), unrefined shea butter, (essential oils: lavender, cedarwood, eucalyptus, rosemary), cream , rose kaolin clay, activated charcoal, rosemary leaf powder, water. 


For generations, beef tallow was used to make rich and moisterizing soaps. It has a similar fat structure to our own skin, so it's perfect for everyday cleansing. Enjoy this heirloom treat made from luxurious, high-quality ingredients. 


These soaps were crafted for Good Patriot by the soap artist at the Millers Grove Soap Company.

Grass-fed Tallow Soap - Spaaahh Day

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