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I'm a new Texan.

We came here for faith, family and freedom and we are loving it. 

Americans here take pride in where they're from and I can see why they do. 


This rustic, Texas wall decor is adorned in battle-scarred, thick leather - fashioned from an old pair of cowboy chaps. It's full of character and history, probably just like the cowboy that once wore them.


The background is an aged cream with small rough patches to give added dimension. The frame is stained pine in dark walnut and is finished on each corner with an antiqued nail head. 


Need more authentication? The nails holding down that thick leather are vintage and rusty, hand picked from a purveyor in Pennsylvania. 


Dimensions: almost 13" x 14" x 1.5"


Ready to hang - you just need a nail. 


(We also have a bigger version of this Texas decor, here.)


We will refund any shipping overages if they apply. 


Have questions about this piece or another? Ask away!

We're here to help.





Leather Chaps Rustic Texas - small