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Thomas Jefferson strikes again with another pro-gun quote that we're loving. 


The antique frame has been cleaned-up and repaired. The old, tongue -in-groove joints and chipped paint are reminisent of old-time craftmanship and charm. 


The rusted metal "1776" has been laser cut and nailed to the frame with little antique nails I found on a hunt in Pennsylvania. 


We could imagine this decor being in some old pub the Founding Fathers used to frequent, but it still has the versatility to hang in any modern home or workspace. 


The background is a warm charcoal gray and the words are gold wax. Solid dark wood frame with chipped paint in hues of brown, white and blue. 


Truly, a special piece!


Dimensions: 27.5" x 10" x 1"


Questions about this piece? Ask away! We're here to help. 





Let Them Take Arms - antique frame