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You come home from a long day at work or running errands and you're tired. You throw your car keys on the coffee table, kick up your feet, take a deep breath, look up and see this on your mantle. 


It's freedom.


Knowing that you are blessed to be an American citizen - to know you can work with your hands and mind and provide for yourself and your family. You are unique because of where you live - a place where others strive to be.


We are American and this is our flag. We show it proudly and let it gently remind us each day of the blessings it represents. 


This rustic, American flag, "Old Glory," has gotten a new look.

Wood and rich browns make a nuetral color palette that will work with most decor. 


This buttery leather is meant to be weathered over time. It will stay pristine hanging on your wall or it can be "roughed up" to show character, like an old saddle bag. It has been hand sewn and cut with care. 


This is a version of one of the original American flags. The 13 star set-up is a cousin of the better know "Betsy Ross" design. They are from the same time period. 


Pallet wood is not used in our workshop. At Good Patriot, we build heirloom artworks that your kids will fight over. 


The flag measures 36" by 20" and is 1.5" deep. It comes ready to hang in your home or workspace. Can you see this on your wall or mantle?


If shipping ends up cheaper than our quoted price, we will refund any overages. 


Please contact us if you have any questions about our wall decor or other products. We're here to help!

Rustic Leather American Flag - Brown