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Posts for Patriots - Top 5 of the Week!

A quick list of social posts that made us pause, laugh, yell or pray...

1. If every American looked like this, there would be no such thing as a "snowflake." Just read the tattoos. I don’t know who you are, Biker Patriot, but you can be on my team any day. Thanks TheManlyZone for posting!

patriotic tattoos on a biker holding a helmet

2. I’ve seen my share of American bald eagle pictures but this one, posted by 1776 United, stopped me in my tracks. Top three for sure. ‘Merica.

American bald eagle on branch

3. When the stuff hits the fan you’ll want to surround yourself with people that will have your back and know how to defend themselves and others. This ain’t our guy. But thank goodness for five year-old little girls that can handle shooting guns. For the record, Gersh, we enjoy the smell of “destruction.” Thank you to Pretty Girl Politics for this beauty.

Gersh Kunstman is scared of guns

4. If you’re not already enjoying TheManSpot’s Instagram feed, why aren’t you? This pic is from a while back but it’s one of my favorites. ManSpot’s pics and videos are hilarious and all fun aside, the love of God and country that this man has is worthy of your likes and follow.

The Man Spot on a mission

5. GQ magazine is now on the boycott list for being super …uh, “misguided.” But this Kim Jong Un meme is right on target. Would I be surprised if this cover shot actually happened? Not after Colin Kaepernick was named GQ’s “citizen of the year.” Shame on them for supporting a kneeler but a big thanks to The Patriot Federation for this laugh.

If you were entertained by this post, we’d love for you to share this with one or two of your patriotic friends you know would enjoy it too.

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