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Why we started Good patriot? We wanted a family of like-minded Americans to come together and enjoy what makes us great.

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About Good Patriot 

Good Patriot is all about celebrating all that is good about our country - God, guns, freedom and more. 


We sell patriotic home decor and t-shirts because displaying our beliefs and values is encouraging and sends a message of what we stand for. 

We make funny (and sometimes more serious) videos because laughter breaks down walls, builds family and is darn good for you. Quite honestly, I got tired of seeing all the guys in the gun industry have all the fun. I'm no feminist, but I also got fed up with all the F-bombs and trashy-dressed women in videos. "Real funny" has class and doesn't have to rely on these things to entertain. If you're silently (or audibly if you're from the south) saying an "Amen" to these things, you're in the right place ;)

It's my pleasure and duty to provide an outlet for your freedom and laughter and encouragement for your freedom-loving soul. 


For God and Country, 


Katie -"Good Patriot"

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