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About Good Patriot 

Good Patriot started in 2016 as a patriotic wood décor business and has evolved into a platform to encourage people in their pursuit of freedom, to be independent from tyrannical systems and to encourage us in navigating what looks like to follow Christ in these times. 


Although I’m known online as “Good Patriot,” I don’t consider myself “good.” None of us are good on our own but only through the grace offered to us by Christ. I also don’t put my identity in being patriotic anymore. My country has been a blessing but my focus is now on something bigger and more broad - the Kingdom of God. 


This website hosts a business but is also a place where like-minded people can gather resources and encouragement. Our products have a mission as well - whether it be to spark conversation, to help keep our bodies healthy or to just bring a smile to someone’s face as they pass by because of the message on a T-shirt. 


I hope you find the pursuit of faith, freedom, homesteading and laughs here, in a world gone crazy. 


For the Kingdom, 


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