Your Guide To Buying Body Armor

The LEFT Is Going To Try & Steal The Election

I go over the 22 page "Transition Integrity Report" that lays out their plans to steal the election of 2020

How To Prepare For What's Ahead

A practical guide on how we can better navigate civil unrest and more...

Let's talk about something we never thought we'd have to talk about! :)

Long Live The Republic - or are we too late?

Has the assault on our Constitution gone too far or can we bring back the Founder's plan?...

Speaking Up - why it's NOW or NEVER

Silent Majority - this one's for you...

"The "FALL" Bible Study (skit)

Good Patriot has a misunderstanding...

Why We Should Never Apologize For Our Race

Frustrated with "white guilt?" Watch this...

How Did The Founding Fathers Handle Smallpox?

Vaccines and quarantine?! - let's find out...

Austin Women's March 2019 

Watch the "Good Patriots" show up for freedom

and the right to life.

Gun Bunny Rehab - Part 1 (skit)

Join Good Patriot and Alex as they try to make our "gun bunny," Taylor, into a classy and skillful shooter.

Since When Is The GOVT Your SAVIOR?

The answers to our problems aren't handouts and more laws...

Gun Review - CMMG Banshee 200 - 9mm

Meet my new favorite gun...

Some important Stats To Know To Defend The 2A

Let's break these down...

Gun Bunny Rehab - part 2 - Training Day (skit)

Good Patriot and Alex put "gun bunny" Taylor through a series of drills and tests so she can join "The Panel of Glory."

Multi Level Marketing Gone 2nd Amendmen (skit)

Join the girls as the reluctantly go to a "pyramid scheme" party only to be pleasantly surprised...

Nancy Pelosi MakeUp Tutorial (skit)

Let Nancy show us how to get the right look...

How 2nd Amendment Couples Celebrate Valentine's Day (skit)

A romantic evening with wine ...candles ...and ______?

"The American Feminist" (skit)

A humorous comparison of the modern-day American "feminazi" vs. truly oppressed women...

"Fan Mail with Good Patriot" (skit)

This week's letter was a surprise - Hillary C...

A surprise fan letter from Hillary Clinton
"Feminazis & Firearms" (skit)

Our favorite American feminist is back to learn gun control - only in a different way than she expected...

Fan Mail - from "A sister in arms" ...kind of (skit)

Another surprise letter from the "other side" - this time from their new Queen.

Blowing away pagan Easter - Good Patriot style

We love a good egg hunt, but sometimes you need a little reminder of what we celebrate on Easter...

"TOP 5 Reasons To Own A GUN"

Good Patriot breaks down her Top 5 reasons to retain a "weapon of war," saving the best for last...

Makeovers. (skit)

Some girls think freedom is beautiful...

Braveheart MakeUp Tutorial + tips (skit)

Good Patriot gives us a break-down on how to achieve the "freedom look" plus some tips along the way...

Gun Review - Springfield Hellcat VS Sig P365

Which trendy gun is popular for a reason?...

2020 Election Campaign Promises 

The Democratic campaign promises are a JOKE - Good Patriot has her own ideas for how we should run the country...

"Good Patriot the Magnificent" (skit)

Paying homage to Johnny Carson's, "Carnac the Magnificent," only from a conservative, patriotic perspective ;)

Baking Up Freedom At the Gun Range

Good Patriot uses her culinary and tactical skills to bake up some chocolate chip cookies, defeat ISIS and show some pesky insects who's in charge ;)

4th of July 2019

A celebration of scenes for our Independence Day!

Area 51 Raid WISHLIST - Liberals Beware!

A few things we'd like to have the raiders find inside the doors of one of the most guarded places in the United States...

Nickel & Brass Ammo Subscription Service 

A fun social media marketing video for the women's ammo subscription service, Nickel & Brass.

Beto's Boogaloo Is A BUST 

My take before the SHTF...

Gun Review - Springfield Armory Hellcat

Is this the hot new compact gun?

For The Worried & The Warrior

Reality is, life isn't going to be the same. Here's some encouragement for what's ahead. 

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