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Thank you so much for your support!


To avoid financially supporting tyrannical big tech, checks are preferred.

They can be mailed to: 

Katie/Good Patriot

13501 Ranch Rd 12 - STE 103

Wimberley, TX. 78676


Or you can support us in these ways: 

  • buy our merchandise here 

  • send a donation through PayPal to

  • purchase through my partners below and I earn a small commission from your sale at no extra cost to you


Click the button below for a full list of ALL discounts & links or shop below:

Girl wearing body armor

Ace Link Body Armor +

Lightweight, made-in-the-USA body armor, vests and accessories. 

Code: GOODPATRIOT = 10% off


Harvest Right Freeze Dryers

Freeze dry your own food at home, preserve your garden harvests, and prep for the apocalypse.

Contact me with questions!

Sale price automatically given!


Valley Food Storage:
Buy freeze dried food

If you can't do it yourself, buy a long-term healthy food supply here. No junk, MSG or fillers!

Discounts given on site.


Gatorz Eyewear

Stylish, all American,

ballistically-rated eyewear for

both fun and protection.

Click below for auto 15% off!


GoDark Faraday Bags

Protect your devices from being tracked, from EMP weapons & your body from EMF radiation with 

GoDark's quality+ faraday bags.

Code: GoodPatriot = 10% off! 


1915 FARM
100% grass-fed meats

Show Bill Gates where he can put his lab-grown "meat" & support this Texas family in doing things right. Code: GOODPATRIOT gets you

$5 off $100


AZURE Standard

A like-minded alternative source for groceries and produce. It's a once a month truck meet-up for delivery & a great way to meet local people that share your values.


My Patriot Supply

Long-term food and other preparedness supplies like seeds  and water filtration.

Discounts on website.


AXIL Ear Protection

Premier hearing protection of all types for shooting, hunting & work.


gets you 15% off!


BERKEY Water FIlters

A gravity-fed water filter for travel and home that produces

delicious, clean water & has 

flouride filter options.

Code: GoodPatriot10 = 10% off!



A conservative, Christian & charitable coffee company

that produces delicious

small-batch coffees. 

Code: GoodPatriot = 10% off!


Texas Precious Metals

A pro-freedom metals dealer that has great pricing, selection

& free shipping.


gets you $20 off $100+


GEMBARED Red Light Therapy

Something I personally use to mitigate blue-light exposure & promote healing. Red and Near Infrared light wavelength panels.

Code: GoodPatriot = 10% off!


MITOLIFE Supplements

Well-researched and tested supplements for health and wellness. I use the "dissolve it all" enzymes to reduce inflammation.

Code: GoodPatriot = 15% off!

download (5).png

Portable In-Home Generator

The top of the line portable in-home backup power solution; expandable up to 118kWh storage

Code: GOODPATRIOT5 for 5% off on Power Stations

download (6).png

Portable Solar Generator

Another top of the line portable in-home backup power solution; expandable up to 25kWh storage

Code: GOODPATRIOT5 for 5% off on Power Stations


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