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I chose to be part of the GMRGold team because I strongly believe in diversifying my wealth with precious metals. I picked their monthly subscription, Bullion Box, because I can "set-it and forget it" so I can use my time for other things, like videos ;) 

They are also a company that supports our values: God, guns and country. They run their business with integrity and will tailor your specific needs with their services. Call them & see if they work for your financial goals. 

Use code: GOODPATRIOT for a free coin with any subscription service and don't forget to mention I sent you over if you go with another type of purchase!


I really never thought I'd actually need body armor or gear with bullet-proof paneling in it but here we are.  The America we grew up in has changed and I want to make sure my family and I can protect ourselves if we get into a dangerous situation. ACE LINK ARMOR provides solutions for ballistic threats.

I chose to work with them because they produce lighter-weight, very high quality panels that are independently lab tested for reliability and performance. 

Use code: GOODPATRIOT for 10% off your total order of regularly priced merchandise. 

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The VaraSafety REACH is a fingerprint activated holster safe designed to keep your gun close and accessible but also out of reach of the kiddos or other unwanted handlers. 

Click here and use code GOODPATRIOT to enjoy 10% OFF your purchase! 


A lot of women's tactical clothing and accessories are just plain ugly. TACTICA has cool jackets, concealed carry leggings  great holsters and more - items that are tailored to a woman's body and needs but with fashion in mind.

Use code: GOODPATRIOT10 for 10% OFF your total purchase! 

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