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Newsletter - Vol. 2

A realistic look at Revolutionary War 2.0 

It’s one thing to play “Let’s Boogaloo” when politicians threaten gun confiscation but it’s another to actually plan on physically fighting back against a tyrannical government. 


I do not want war but I also think that some things are worth fighting for. I’m pretty sure that the evil chararcters behind gun confiscation are counting on the American populace being complacent and too attached to their comfortable lives to actually fight back physically. 


For those of us that see the value of not being ruled by tyrants and are willing to do what it takes not be so, here are some things to consider because this will be a war like no other. 


1. Our weapons are not equal to the government’s. 

I’ve heard people say, "that is okay because look at Vietnam.” Point taken but the government has weapons (biological, technological, robotic…) that we don’t even know about and respectfully, you ain't fighting in a jungle or dessert (Afghanistan) that your enemy is not familiar with. 


2. Technology enables the enemy to spy on us through all “Smart” devices, including our phones, TV’s., etc. so communication and intel will be a struggle. I would suggest getting to know your local like-minded Patriots because long-distance relationships probably won’t mean much when you can’t communicate. (FYI, there is talk in CA already about outlawing HAM radio use!)


3. Drones. I hate drones. This will be a weapon of choice for both sides but the bad guys have access to things that could be dropped by drones that can disable resistance - think gases, grenades, man-eating spiders ;)


4. We no longer grow our own food and make our own supplies. Most of the US is 100% dependent on delivery of their food by the extensive trucking system. I’m also guessing Amazon won’t be sympathetic to the cause. It would easy for the enemy to starve-out any resistance simply by cutting off our food supply ..or medical supply ..or clean water...


5. Our health and physical strength is overwhelmingy poor. 70% of our country takes prescription meds. The rate of obesity is almost the same. Out of shape and dependent on hard-to-get drugs isn't ideal for a freedom-fighting army.


6. Most poeple that say they will fight, won’t. Talk is easy. Battle is hard. My guess is that only 10% or people that talk about physically resisting tyranny will actually take up arms. People think differently when they realize death, loss of fortunes and putting spouses and kids in harm’s way will happen. Thank God our Founding Fathers and brave Revolutionary War soldiers didn’t let that stop them. I much prefer a Texas accent to a British one ;)


7. Battles will be fought in small neighborhoods and big, densely populated cities, not open fields. Women and children will be there. Your dog will be killed and you won’t have access to helpful secret societies and an endless supply of weaponry like John Wick. 


8. Our religious leaders are weak and have embraced modern culture instead of making it. Pastors in colonial times were among the strongest supporters of war and fought as well. Today’s pastors are too afraid of loosing their 503C tax exemption to preach against government overreach and sinful culture. If your pastor or religious leader won’t stand on the word of God and against anti-God tyranny - get a new one. 


9. Our population is extremely segmented and diverse compared to the America of 1776, which was very homogenous. 

Our race, cultures, values and religions (and now language differences!) make it much harder to come together and fight. Foreigners also tend to heavily favor gun control. That doesn’t make a big Boogaloo team.


10. Families are more broken and weak. “Hey, ex-spouse. Can you take the kids this week since I’ll be fighting against an onslaught of mustard-gas-dropping drones?” Families were strong a few centuries ago. That means there was emotional support as well. Now we have modern-day broken families with strained relationships and shared custody - if there’s even a second parent around. I’m not being harsh towards divorce but trying to present a realistic view of modern warfare on American soil. 


I don’t write these things to bum us out but so we can prepare better, with a realistic viewpoint. Better to know these things now, than later.


Originally I thought this was going to be “private newsletter-only” material but I’ve got too much more to say on this subject and these things need to be heard. Stay tuned for a follow up video with more detail. I’d also appreciate your prayers for protection because this subject matter is heavily censored. 


- Good Patriot

States with ANTI-gun bills...

States with PRO-gun bills...









South Carolina

(2A Sanctuary)

North Carolina

(2A sanctuary)

New York




Rhode Island 




New Jersey 


New Mexico

Washington state

Washington D.C.



Colorado (red flag laws already passed)





Info supplied by: @firearmschronicles

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Not just Virginia!

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There's "naughty" then there's "knotty"...

Treason. It's supposed to be punishable by death but it seems to be more rampant than ever because so many get away with ...well, murder. This is the beginning of the "Knotty List." It's for those that we're waiting to see be held accountable for the attempted destruction of our freedoms and country. Disclaimer: this is NOT a call to violence but rather a visual venting of our frustrations with the lack of justice :)

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