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Newsletter - Vol. 4

Things I'm doing & buying right now to prepare for what's ahead...

It's been a crazy last six months and I strongly believe things are not going to get better until after the election. Realistically, regardless of who gets in, chaos will continue.

I have felt led to do a few things to prepare for our future and hope that you can look at this list and see it as not rooted in fear, but wisdom.  

1. I'm buying more food & toiletries. 

At least enough for six months and then some. 

I asked Morgan from Rogue Preparedness to give us some helpful and PRACTICAL tips on stocking up on this basic and essential need. You can click here to access her website, full of useful information and access to all her social channels. 

Howdy y’all! 

Firstly, I’d like to thank Good Patriot for inviting me to do this write-up for her newsletter. We’ve been internet amigas for some time now and she’s a true patriot who I certainly want on my apocalypse team. 


My name is Morgan and I’m the founder of Rogue Preparedness where I teach people how to be prepared for emergencies and disasters. I live on 40 acres in the desert with my husband and two young kids. 

Here are some simple

ways to stock up on food:


  • Buy extra when you shop. Whenever you hit the grocery store, pick up one or two extra items. Pick up some extra rice, extra canned goods, cereals, etc. Remember to get some extra food for your pets, too. 

  • Buy 1, store 1. If you know you eat a lot of rice, then when you pick up one bag of rice to eat, buy a second bag to store. 

  • Stock what you eat. Don’t buy things that you won’t eat because even in a crisis, you won’t eat it. You’d have to be starving to death to eat it and the point of preparedness is to be prepared; not desperate. 

  • Don’t forget the water. Water is life. Water is used for cooking, cleaning, hygiene and general consumption. I would suggest at least 2 gallons of water per person, per day for hotter months and 1 gallon per person, per day during the colder months (see Katie's recommendation below)

  • Stick to your budget. Please don’t go into debt to get prepared. Stick with your available cash budget. If you have $5 a week to spend, then spend $5 a week. $5 is better than $0. 

  • Store foods properly. Keep foods in a cool, dark place. Basically, keep foods out of direct sunlight. If you can store dried goods in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, that’s even better. 

  • Keep inventory and rotate. Each time you add something specifically for food storage purposes, mark it down. This way, you can refer to the inventory sheet instead of digging through your food. Rotate your food at least every 6-12 months. While many foods can last some time in storage, it never hurts to have the freshest foods possible available.


Next time you’re at the grocery store, grab a

couple extra items and put them away in a cabinet

or storage bin. Viola! You’re now getting prepared. 


Conquer tomorrow, by preparing today!

2. I'm buying more ammo. 

...because a gun is just a paper weight if you ain't got the freedom seeds! Yes, ammo is insanely expensive right now but I expect it to keep going up. Demand is too high, supplies are low and you never know what the government is going to do in the coming days. 

I thought $.45 a round was crazy, until I had to buy it at $.62 a round the other day. I'm not waiting until it's $1.25 and yes, that's absolutely possible. 

I did find a great website that is basically an ammo & gun supply search engine. They list all the online retailers that sell these goods, in relation to price and availability, updating it every few minutes. It's not the best functioning website around but it will save you time and hopefully some $$$.

Click icon below to check it out:

Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 4.15.15 PM.png
3. I'm buying more silver & gold. 

In addition to my monthly subscription from Bullion Box, I've been stocking up on more silver. I'm really not one to talk about what I own and how much, but I do believe that it's time to diversify so it's important to share general details with y'all.











With all the talk about "coin shortages," microchips, long-term shut downs, travel bans and digital currency, let's just say I'm not super pumped about having most of my money in paper dollar form OR sitting in a computer (bank) and not in my possession. 

It's my personal opinion that buying silver right now is a wise choice because it is still undervalued compared to gold.

I'm into all types - bars, pre-1960's quarters, dimes, nickles, etc.(great for future bartering because they're easier to trade because of their lower value), silver dollars...

If you're looking for more of a short-term investment, bars and heavier coins are usually the way to go because it's similar to buying in bulk - you get a better deal per ounce. 

I buy through Bullion Box because I trust them to tell me what is good and not good for me - and they have many times!

They ask you about your investment goals and work with you to get there, without the pressured sales pitch. 

BullionBoxSubscriptions is one of my affiliates so if you choose to sign up for one of their monthly subscriptions, you will receive 10% off your first order. Use Code: GOODPATRIOT

4. I'm preparing my water source. 

Lack of water will kill you faster than lack of food.

That's not the most fun sentence to write but it's

extremely important to have a clean and safe

water source available to you in an emergency

or if your water supply gets cut off.

Just a tiny reminder - to control

business shut-down

compliance, CA threatened

protesting businesses

by shutting off their power

and WATER. You can be

controlled by your lack of

access to safe water. 


I personally use a counter-top Berkey Water System for all my drinking and cooking water and have for the last 7 years (I've got two!). I use the fluoride filters as well because it's been proven that this so-called "tooth protector" has damaging effects on our brains and there has been a correlation found between lower IQ scores and fluoride consumption. 

Berkey filters are known as being one the best and strongest filtration systems on the market and the water tastes awesome. We had dinner guests over and they raved about how good our water tasted. They bought a Berkey System the next day and have had it for the last four years. 

  • If you don't live near a water source, I would recommend filling up 50 gallon drums of water to have on hand. There are kits available online. 

  • If you are near a water source, having a system like the Berkey will keep you with a safe and easy way to filter your water. 


They gave me a discount code for y'all : goodpatriot5 for 5% off any new system or filter set.

5. I'm putting together my network.  

A strong group of trusted, like-minded friends is invaluable in these times. Who knows what will happen in the coming months and years, but I want to go through it with my friends and family. Life is not meant to be lived-out alone, especially during times like this. 

I am putting together my network of people that

  • have skills they can bring to the group

  • believe in what I believe

  • have shown they are trust-worthy

  • are willing to do the work/research to help make the group successful

  • have different assets (like tools, land, greenhouses, water sources) that can be shared

  • understand the core values of the group

It doesn't have to be fancy or planned down to every detail but if you haven't started thinking about who's in your "circle of trust," you should. There is power in numbers. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 1.54.06 PM.png
New T-shirt designs in the shop with a site-wide discount code:

Use code: PATRIOT15 for 15% your entire order until Friday, September 4th

A must-see documentary about the Corona virus "Plandemic"

A follow-up to the first Plandemic film that was already banned before most could watch it. 

 This documentary exceeded my expectations and is truly an eye-opener when it comes to what is behind this pandemic and world-wide shut-down. Click to watch!

Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 3.41.30 PM.png
Let's be honest: this year sucks. 

 Whether we’ve been affected financially, socially (loosing friends over politics) or just are completely emotionally drained from the constant onslaught of crap, everyone has felt the heaviness of 2020. 

Here are a few points I’d like to share for when you’re WEARY. 

…when you want to check out of life

…when you’ve had enough

…when you need rest. 


  • Warriors come in all shapes, ablities and energy levels. You are only required to be the Warrior that God created you to be - and we need all types! Some are financial warriors - donating to the causes we fight for. Some are physical warriors - preparing to defend with their strength and skill. Some are intellectual warriors - they have a way with statistics, facts and the written word so messages of truth can be shared. Some support and encourage the others - our cheerleaders. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t fit in one area - just do your best with the skills you’ve been given. 

  • Take time off - especially from social media negativity. Even professional athletes don’t play the whole game because they need REST. Rest is part of the normal cycle of life and with the onslaught of extra negativity going on, it’s actually needed more often. Rest without guilt. Sometimes my best ideas come right after a nap :)

  • Remember: you are not responsibile for solving the world’s problems. You are only responsible for what’s in front of you. 

  • You don’t owe anyone an apology for your beliefs. This is your official permission slip to not have to answer to irrational demands of people online, people that attack you for what you believe or demand that you show them a 3-page essay explaining why your view is correct (that they most likely won’t listen to anyway). You can walk away from conversations that won’t go anywhere. You can say, “no.” You can just not respond. Choose to engage only in battles that are worthy of your time, with people that are open to having an actual conversation. 

  • Remember that God sees it all - the injustice, the anger, the crime, the violence, the lies. He is not surprised, caught off-guard or overwhelmed. He has a plan for this time. Sometimes that thought doesn’t help and if that’s you, get to know WHO God is because He is GOOD, HOLY, RIGHTEOUS and you can trust His plan. 

  • Have a breakdown. Let it out. Cry. Scream in your pillow - just shut the windows first ;) I sob for about 10 minutes, every few weeks because the heaviness of this current life. I pray-out my frustrations, take a deep breath and go on with my day. A good cry, journal session (you can just write your thoughts out on the computer/piece of paper too) or prayer, can do wonders. 

  • Take care of yourself. Exercise. Eat good food. Hang out with friends. Do something that’s fun. Watch a funny movie. Take a day trip. Get in the sun and get some fresh air. 

  • You don’t have to care or fight for every great cause. Pick one or two causes that are close to your heart and go with them. You don’t have to fight child trafficking, save the 2nd Amendment, bring down the Clintons, take down 5G, end the cancer epidemic, bring down Monsanto and end organ harvesting in China, all at the same time. We all have passions for different things - go with yours and don’t feel guilty over not giving your resources to the others. 

  • Keep it simple: love God and love your neighbor. If you can do that each day, you’re doing pretty great. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 1.26.12 PM.png
In case you missed my latest videos...
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 2.32.13 PM.png

My spiciest and most

controversial video to date.

BLM, beware:

massive trigger warning ;)

Why the 

"Silent Majority"

is killing American


Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 2.32.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 2.32.27 PM.png


is our government supposed to look like

and why most politicians

are traitors :) ...

Thank you for being a part of our
Good Patriot family. 
Please share our pages with your friends and family and help us spread our mission of saving The Republic, one video and post at a time...
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