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Newsletter - Vol. 1

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Information that we DIDN’T make public in the Church Shooter Hero Interview


You may of seen my interview with church shooting heros, Jack Wilson and Stephen Willeford. I spent over 10 hours with Stephen and three hours with Jack. Here are some things we spoke about that I’m only sharing with our e-mail subscribers. 


1. Both men had ZERO issues or regrets with killing the shooters. 

Both Jack and Stephen agreed that they felt as though they were taking out evil, not shooting a man. I’ve heard many people say they don’t think they could shoot someone if presented with a similar situation, but I think when presented with the horrific scenario that these men faced, emotional arguments fade and the resolve to save others takes over. I am relieved they have no regret. They shouldn’t. 


2.  Don’t carry your concealed weapon behind your back. 

Richard White was the first person shot and killed at Jack’s church. If you watch the video closely, you can see him attempt to grab his gun carried at the 5 o’clock position at his back. He struggled and was shot while trying to pull out his weapon. If his gun was carried at a more accessible position, Richard might possibly still be alive. Seconds matter. It’s very easy to “Monday morning quarterback” scenarios like this and I share these things not to be insensitive but to learn everything we can from that day. Did Richard dry fire practice retrieving his weapon from that holster position? I don’t know. But practice and training will dramatically increase your chance of survival and that lesson was emphasized by both Jack and Stephen repeatedly. Carry your weapon where it will be safely, but quickly accessible and train with it from that position. 


3. Stationary shooting is not an effective way to train for an active shooter situation. 

Both men are firearms instructors and have years of experience and training. Jack and Stephen both feel that “range stall” or stationary training will not prepare you for a real life scenario where you have to fire your weapon. They extensively trained tactically, or moving while shooting. Jack recommends taking your shot when your foot hits the ground, on the exhale. I did not get those specifics from Stephen but he agreed that shooting moving targets and/or moving while shooting is the way to train your brain and body to respond to an active shooter. He was also trained in how to shoot someone wearing body armor (side of the torso or upper legs) and actually used those skills to stop the killer in Sutherland Springs. Every shot fired by these men was accounted for on the killers. The money and time spent training was gift they gave themselves and others around them on those two terrible days. Training is always worth it. 


4. The survivors of those shootings are still struggling. 

While Jack and Stephen are navigating unwanted fame and a new normal, there are still other stories of struggle that we won’t hear on the news. In the case of Sutherland Springs, there were many people shot that are now dealing with huge medical bills and not being able to afford necessary life adjustments. For example, a young man shot and paralyzed from the waist down needs his home to be remodeled so he can move around his hallways. There was a small settlement awarded to the victims but it no where covers their actual needs. 

There are also families that are grieving the loss of their loved ones but we also need to remember that some of them watched it happen. I can’t imagine having to relive that in my thoughts. We are so grateful for Jack and Stephen’s courage and actions on those days so let’s continue to remember to lift them up in prayer as well as their families and the survivors, who are trying to heal on so many levels.  

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I chatted with Ava Flanell from the Gun Funny Podcast a few weeks ago. We talk guns, vaccines, business and more. Click the picture to listen on iTunes or here on Firearms Radio.

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