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**Orders that contain comfrey salve will be delayed in shipping until early next week (most likely Monday) until we get more supplies in** (sorry - It is very popular!)

Comfrey is a powerful herb that helps the body heal injuries to skin, muscles, tendons and even bones. Research has shown that it aids new cell growth in damaged tissue.


For me personally, it was the only thing that got my body to heal my "tennis" elbow in both arms. I could barely lift a glass of water and after one application, my pain was down 70% the next day. I applied it every day for a month and now I'm finally healed (after a year!).


A good friend of mine was bit by a brown recluse spider, put comfrey salve on it and her pain and the swelling from it was gone the next morning. She also fell off a step stool and hurt her foot, applied the salve and it felt normal the next day (it almost sounds like I should keep my distance from this friend, haha).


I can't promise your injuries will be healed but in my experience this is definitely worth a try.


Real life testamonials like these (I have more!) are why I wanted to make this product for you.

It's a little miracle salve and the best part is that it's from a plant that God designed to help heal us.


Our salve is very concentrated, deep green and totally organic. It's great to have around when your body needs a little healing helper.


Ingredients: (all organic) extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, comfrey leaf, lavender essential oil.


  • Returns

    Due to the nature of the health and wellness products we do not accept returns for these items. 

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