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Your partner is keeping your immune system strong!


We took the best medicinal mushrooms and combined them with strong, natural sources of vitamin C to make a powder that would help us fight off sicknes and infections. 


We take this after we've been exposed to a lot of people, feel run-down or just for maintenence to help keep our immune system response in the best shape possible. 


All our ingredients and free from fillers and 100% organic. Check them out:

+ Elderberry powder

+ Goji Berry

+ Camu Camu Berry

+ Acerola Bery

+ Mushroom Blend:

Lion's Mane

Red Reishi



Turkey Tail

and Chaga


How to use: 

This is not a "hazelnut flavored coffee enhancer," haha. This is a medicinal powder so it's not designed to taste delightful - but don't worry, it's really not bad. Vitamin C food cources are just bitter. I like to take it in a small amount of juice or water like a shot. Put it in smoothies and you can't taste it as all.  You could even add it to soup!

I'd start with 1/2 tsp twice a day and when feeling yuck, I'd take up to 1.5 tsp three times a day. 


You can absolutely use it for maintenance like a supplement each day - about 1 -2 tsp a day for adults and 1/2 tsp for the kiddos. 


This 5 OZ. package will get you almost 50 tsp servings. 



IMMUNITY Ally Powder

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