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I grew up using natural, homeopathic and herbal medicine. You might say my family was "anti Big Pharma" before "anti-Big Pharma" was cool.  I want these powerful health aids to be available to us so we can be at our best health in a dirty world. 


Our LUNGS tincture is formulated with herbs like mullein, elderflower, yerba santa and plantain to support the lungs when they are inflammed, infected and need extra support from sickness or irritation.


It's strong and sweet and this tincture is great for when you're feeling something take hold in your chest or even if you've breathed in smoke or other irritations. The herbs used in this formulation should be safe for all but always check with your medical expert of choice when taking medications or if prenant or nursing. 


If you're not familiar with natural medicine - it's easy! Take 10 (kiddos) to 30 (adults) drops in a small amount of water or juice, swish around your mouth or hold it under your tongue for about 20 seconds and swallow. You can do this every few hours if needed. That's the beauty of herbal medicine. 


We use ONLY organic ingredients in these tinctures because we want the best for your body.

Our tincture comes in a 2 oz. amber glass bottle. 

Ingredients: undiluted (all organic) alcohol extract of mullein, elderflower, yerba santa and plantain leaf. 


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


LUNGS Tincture - Respiratory Health

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    Due to the nature of our wellness products, we are unable to accept returns on these items. 

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