"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery." 


Wouldn't it be nice to have a beer with Thomas Jefferson? 


While we can't make that happen for you, here's the next best thing - the Dangerous Freedom T-shirt.


Wear it with pride - it's one of the best quotes ever to leave the lips of our Founding Fathers. 


The Details:

  • tan and red on black
  • simple in design with a strong pro - 2nd Amendment message
  • the T-shirts fit to size (men's/uni-sex - see chart) and will shrink slightly in a hot dryer over time
  • made of a cotton/poly blend that's guaranteed soft but will hold up to long days on the gun range. 


Questions about this item? Ask away. 


It's time to show off that AR-weilding, freedom-loving, bad-ass eagle. 







Dangerous Freedom T-shirt - Black

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