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Is it the beginning of the end or another Y2K "nothingburger?"

There are a dozen rumors and speculations about what this eclipse means for the world.

Some sound ridiculous and some sound pretty interesting at the very least.

Let’s do a quick inventory of the most popular eclipse rumors and theories out there:

  • The aleph and tav signs.

  • The eclipse path going through all the cities named "Nineveh" in the US.

  • There is a “devil comet” flying by at the same time as the eclipse.

  • The Jews are going to sacrifice the red heifer during the event and start WW3

  • CERN is firing up their particle machine during the event which will usher in demons.

  • NASA is firing rockets into the sky (named after demons) during the eclipse.

  • A huge earthquake may take place during the blackening of the sky.

  • Terrorists will be targeting large crowds of people during the event.

WOW. Sounds like a fun time :)

I’m going to briefly go over these rumors and speculations and for the record, these thoughts are just my opinions. There is no way to know what will actually happen. For fun, I’m going to rate each rumor or speculation with a system of fire emojis 🔥 from one to five, symbolizing my thoughts on the chances of each one happening or being significant. Here we go!

The Aleph and Tav signs 🔥

All I’m going to say about this one is that the map (above) of all the eclipses from the 1700s onward shows a lot of “alephs” and “tavs” because that’s the shape of the path that eclipses take. Could the most recent paths mean the “alpha and omega” signifying the end is near? Sure. But I think we have stronger signs that would signify that and I think God is more specific than this when He wants us to know something important.

The Ninevehs 🔥🔥

I could only find four cities named Nineveh in the US and yes, they are all in the path of totality or extremely close to it. Could it mean that the eclipse is a sign of warning and repentance because judgement is near (just like Jonah told “old school” Nineveh)? Yes.

Are people that actually need to repent (big time) paying attention to Christian TikTokers sharing this rumor? Probably not. BUT, this combined with the eclipse and other possible events could lend more credibility to this speculation. We will see.

The “Devil” Comet 🔥

A comet that has two tails that resemble “devil’s horns” will be flying near (but not dangerously near) the Earth in June of this year. I’m not too worried about this one and don’t see any correlation with the eclipse, especially since the comet doesn't even get close for a few months.

The Red Heifer Sacrifice 🔥

The ashes of the Red Heifer are need to cleanse Israel and their Temple Mount of their "corpse (or contact with death) impurities." After the ashes are available, then that would allow for the rebuilding of the Temple, which could usher in Biblical end times.

The rumor is that the Jews that are involved with this process are going to sacrifice the red heifer on the day of the eclipse and this is going to start a bigger war with Muslim nations. As of right now we know that they want to do the red heifer offering before Passover, which is April 22nd but for security purposes, when they will actually do it is not disclosed.

So does this have anything to do with the eclipse? We have no idea and most likely won't know when the Red Heifer will be prepared until it is done.

Will this lead to a new temple being built? Will it lead to Israel’s enemies losing their minds over them doing this, leading to more war? Probably.

It’s one to watch but not in terms of eclipse events. To follow some guys that have studied and followed this process for decades, check out this video. It's longer but the last 20minutes should help get you on the right path if you don't have time for the whole thing.

CERN and it’s Particle Accelerator 🔥🔥🔥🔥

CERN has long history of doing very "occult/demonic/Satanic/weird/creepy/

GodIsGoingToBeMadAtThis," experiments that are coupled with strange, occultish ceremonies that usher in their new projects.

Check out their logo and you’ll see the pretty obvious “666” in it. The fact that they’re going to be firing up their particle accelerator to seek out “what holds the universe together” during the eclipse is definitely something to keep an eye on. Chances are we won’t know what they find for a while, unless a demonically possessed giant "Stay Puff" Marshmallow Man shows up to terrorize New York city.

(GhostBusters, anyone? Who was born before 1980 out there? :)

The main rumor that has been circulated about CERN by faith-based conspiracy realists is that they are opening portals for demonic beings to come to earth. Just check out this picture (left) that shows an angel coming down to CERN workers during one of their ceremonies. I don't buy that they're just trying to "figure out the universe." If you are needing more evidence that CERN has Satanic ties, you can see the video of this ceremony here.

The occult also has a history of performing dark ceremonies during eclipses so this would be right up CERN’s alley. I do believe that CERN will have something to do with ushering in all types of evil during Biblical end times so while the eclipse association may not be specifically significant for us right now, it could be a big deal for the future. There are also rumors that the particle accelerator can cause earthquakes but that has not been proven ...not that they would admit to it if it did :)

NASA and Their Rockets 🔥🔥

My other favorite* agency, NASA, is launching three rockets during the eclipse in “hope(s) to collect data on how the sun's sudden disappearance during the eclipse creates disturbances that could interfere with communications here on Earth.

Pay no attention to the fact that the mission is called "APEP," named after the “serpent deity from ancient Egyptian mythology, nemesis of the Sun deity Ra. It was said that Apep pursued Ra and every so often nearly consumed him, resulting in an eclipse.”

What a charming story ;)

Just another entity doing weird demonic stuff in my opinion. I’m sure it’s all about making sure we retain good cell phone coverage, right?

I don't think this is anything that will affect us in the near future but I'm sure their research findings will be used for some nefarious means later on.

(*not really a favorite)

Big Earthquakes Expected 🔥🔥

I do believe that there will be big earthquakes soon but not because of or on the day of the eclipse (unless the CERN rumors are true). Quakes have followed eclipses before (not right after, usually) but I believe earthquakes will happen simply because if we are going into Biblical end times, the Bible tells us that earthquakes will increase in severity and frequency and will be part of the “birthing pangs” (Matthew 24:7-8).

This speculation is also correlated to agencies advising people to have at least two weeks of water and food available in case “something” happens. Most of this comes from the expectation of major traffic delays and an influx of people in less populated areas that don’t have enough provisions - not grid gone down, mass hysteria that can come from sudden natural disasters.

Now does me living on the middle of the eclipse “X” and on a fault line raise my eyebrow a bit? A little. But I lived most of my life in California and experienced big earthquakes before and I know how to stop, drop and roll.

(that was supposed to be funny - blondes are smarted too)

Targeting By Terrorists 🔥🔥🔥

This is always a concern when people gather together en masse. An attack is definitely possible but I don’t think there is any more of a threat than any other large gathering. It wouldn’t hurt to take precautions if you do plan on joining the “crowd.” Enjoy the eclipse but practice good situational awareness. Head on a swivel.

…and watch out for that Marshmallow Man ;)


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