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Is Bird Flu their next move?

Here are some predictions and preventions to consider.

I miss 2019 - the last year when life was somewhat normal. 

Cunning strategies were being played out behind the scenes long before the Covid shutdowns were upon us but they weren't on our radar yet. 

Now new Bird Flu rumors are sounding a lot like those first “pandemic” narratives and clues we

were hearing years ago. 

“We must test animals and people to prevent the spread…”

“We must shut down dangerous food operations and kill off all the “diseased” animals…”

“The first human fatality has arrived…”

“This could kill millions…”

“It’s spreading from species to species…”

(This death report has quietly been debunked - the man did NOT die of bird flu but the narrative is still circulating.)

Covid 19 was a bioweapon whose cause and cure have very nefarious origins. 

The extremely inaccurate PCR testing created the fear they needed to carry out their plans

and now any cold or flu has turned into, “I have Covid.” 

That phrase creates more fear in physically vulnerable people, some who have permanently adapted wearing a mask every day. 

Society was conditioned to being told how to move, travel, how to gather with loved ones and that the government knows better than they when it comes to their health and security. 

Those that complied with the narrative and mandates were noted and so were those that would not.  

They accomplished what they set out to do:  

Kill off some of the weak. 

Create constant fear which cripples rational thinking. 

Financially devastate to create more dependence on government.

Condition the mind to accept that government control is normal, safer and best. 

Divide the people further with compliance and non-compliance, vaxxed and non-vaxxed. 

That list is why we need to talk about Bird Flu.

What is coming next? 

What will they try to accomplish this time around? 

Can we do anything about it? 

My Prediction

Many are saying they are going to shut down things in the same way that Covid played out but I think they have already played that card and are aiming for a list of related but different goals.

This time I believe they are going after the food system - specifically animal protein. 

While they may restrict people in some ways like before, the focus this time will be on our food. 

Everyone needs to eat. More specifically, people thrive on animal protein and most need it for strength, energy and better immunity. 

Also, if you can control the food supply, you can control the people. No lockdowns are required. 

Covid dealt a huge blow to small and medium-sized businesses of all types and the economy of the middle class. 

Bird flu may strike a bigger wound to our food system and our ability to access what we need in an affordable way, further weakening our ability to remain independent.

This already happened on a smaller scale during the shutdowns which led to thousands of animals being slaughtered without sale because the government approved processing facilities were closed or extremely limited in their operations and ranchers couldn’t process their animals.

We’ve also seen it with so many chicken facilities “randomly” burning down over the last few years and now it looks like they want to bring our access to life-sustaining protein to it’s knees. 

They want to break the system down so they can rebuild it differently and control it. 

…because you’re not going to start eating “ze bugs” unless you have to. 

So what do we know for certain, so far?

We know to take these bird flu rumors seriously because they are already working on a human vaccine for it.

Article after article is reporting that bird flu is transferring to other species, specifically cattle.

So we have chicken and beef/dairy supposedly affected - the main animal protein sources of our nation. 

RFID chips have now been mandated for cattle that will cross states lines, with the exception being cattle that are headed to slaughter. 

These chips will track each individual animal in their movement and health. This presents a loss of privacy for the owner, unknown health risks for the animal and the potential for unnecessary quarantines, slaughtering and extreme financial loss. 

RFID tags have been required by the government under the narrative of controlling disease outbreaks which of course can be legitimate, but unfortunately these tracking methods have been abused in the past so are of much concern especially when ‘bird flu” rumors are abound.  

We also know that humans need complete proteins, specifically animal proteins for strength and health. I cannot function if I don’t eat protein from animals whether it be eggs, meat or dairy. 

I have never found a plant-based protein that sustained me with energy.

There are also antibodies found in meat that help our immune systems fight off disease.

We know that meat processing facilities are controlled by the government. Almost all meat has to be processed through a USDA approved and inspected facility. 

If the government says that you can’t process animals at all, can only process traceable (RFID tagged) animals, or animals that have had a certain vaccine, then you cannot process animals unless you do it yourself, which is not practical for the large majority of ranchers big or small. 

If ranchers and small operations cannot process their meat or it becomes so tedious or expensive to do so, then they lose their ability to produce income and go out of business. 

This leads to the destruction of all ranching operations that won’t comply with government mandates, soaring the cost of meat for the consumer and growing government control of our food supply. 

Just as businesses like Walmart, Amazon and Costco were allowed to stay open and operating during Covid lockdowns while smaller private businesses were forced to shut down, the same will happen with our meat supply. 

Only the big boys with mass-produced meat operations who follow all government orders will succeed.

Now let's take the narrative they have been saying for years that having backyard chickens will spread bird flu to humans. If they decide to run with this, local and big government entities will enforce mandates that forbid the public from buying and raising chickens, selling their eggs, raising them for meat and possibly (but most likely) demand testing (which is highly inaccurate) to determine whether your chickens need to be put down - all under the notion of "public safety."

I never thought I'd go down defending my chickens but anything is possible in the apocalypse :)

And there you have the plan of the destruction of the most important part of our food supply. 

Here’s a picture a puppy to soften the reality of this possible scenario.

So what can we do?

We can’t stop the plans of psychopaths but we can lessen their control of our food by taking a few steps. 

  • Get to know and purchase your meat from local ranchers and support smaller operations that aren’t dependent on government controlled processors. 

Usually, your local farmer’s market will have at least one local rancher present or you can find one through the website.

1915 Farm is an all in-house, pasture-raised option we have in Texas that can ship out of state.

Code: GoodPatriot gets you a discount. They also have options for buying meat in bulk.

  • Raise your own meat.

We have raised two rounds of meat chickens. It is a lot of work but independence from the mainstream food supply isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. I recommend teaming up with another family or two nearby to share equipment costs and time on processing day. You can email me if you have specific questions about raising meat birds. 

Having backyard laying hens is another great way to produce a consistent animal protein source and they are also a joy to have around. If the "powers that be" start attacking private chicken ownership, I highly recommend deleting all evidence of your birds on social media and be very careful what you talk about online and with people you don't know.

  • Stock up on meat now or as soon as you hear more warning signs. 

Buy an extra freezer on Craigslist and fill it with the meat you want to eat. Purchasing a half cow or a round of chickens from a local rancher can save you money or you can always stock up at your local store when they have sales. Don’t forget about canned meats like chicken and tuna that can supply you with a good protein source. Buy the meat you eat! If these plans are delayed, you don't want to have a bunch of food laying around that isn't appetizing to you :)

Freeze drying your own meat for later use is an option, as well as stocking up on already freeze dried meat from companies that have done the work for you. This picture is an example of us freeze drying some steak and ground beef. That will be an awesome apocalypse meal :)

Pressure canning meat is also a great option. Consider canning hearty, meat-rich stews and soups which make easy meals. 

  • Keep your eyes and ears open.

If you can’t stock up now, then keep a watchful eye on prices going up. Talk to your local grocery store butcher department and ask them if they are seeing supply chain issues popping up or prices about to go up. Usually these employees are happy to share helpful information with customers when asked. They are just like you and need to know these things as well. 

  • Prepare, don’t fear. 

Preparation squelches fear. When you have a freezer full of meat or laying hens that supply your family with eggs, rising prices and shortages are much less alarming. If you think you don’t have the budget to stock up on meat, consider that food is your primary need. 

Is there something that you can sell where you could use the money to buy food? You can’t eat an extra car or an expensive purse when times get tough. Make sure to prioritize where you put your wealth.  

  • Build up your immunity and stay healthy. 

If bird flu (or whatever they are putting out there) does start to affect humans, the best thing we can do is go into this season with a healthy body, specifically a strong immune system. 

Good sleep, lower stress, healthy food, good sunshine, laughter with friends and supportive natural supplements are the foundation for strong immunity. 

We do offer an organic Immunity Ally powder that supports the immune system with medicinal mushrooms and food sources of strong vitamin C. It can be a daily support or help in times of sickness. 

Lastly, remember God sees all and that I may be wrong in my predictions.

Their plan will either take place or it won’t or perhaps it will be something in between. 

Ultimately, we don’t know what will happen but whatever does happen, remember that God sees it. 

He knows who’s doing what.

He sees the injustice. He knows your needs. 

His plan will prevail over all. 

Psalm 2 : 1 - 4

"Why are the nations in an uproar

And the peoples devising a vain thing?

The kings of the earth take their stand

And the rulers take counsel together

Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,

“Let us tear their fetters apart

and cast away their cords from us!”

He who sits in the heavens laughs,

The Lord scoffs at them.”

The LORD scoffs at them.

That means He laughs at them in a mocking way because they are nothing to Him. 

My hope is in Christ and His coming Kingdom. That is what gives me peace as the world changes for the worse. Beautiful things will still take place and there are still good people that are fighting for righteousness …and access to steak. 

His word tells us to ask for wisdom and seek Him above all else. That is my ultimate plan and I hope it is yours too. 

Feel free to share your thoughts with us and I appreciate when you share my videos and posts to spread the word so others can benefit from this information. 

For our family and the Kingdom, 



Carla Apostoli
Carla Apostoli
Jun 20

All of my chickens identify as one of the protected class of LBGQXYZ+-% ... yep, every single one of them 😎 God bless you, Katie. Thank you for your words of encouragement and warning, and for injecting God back into our conversations.

Katie B
Jun 21
Replying to

Thank you, Carla! Yes, my chickens are "emotional support animals," even my rooster :)


Jun 17

I so appreciate your viewpoint and warnings. I also LOVE that you bring God into the picture! Thank you for all the suggested recommendations and Bible verses. Spot on, Katie!

Katie B
Jun 21
Replying to

Thank you! We always want to "seek first the Kingdom."


Joyful Noise Psalm 66
Joyful Noise Psalm 66
Jun 15

Thank you for this valuable information. I appreciate all of your videos and have been watching previous ones as well. I'm grateful they are still available on YouTube and look forward to new videos. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. I thought about purchasing chickens, but when I saw how they can attract rats and mice because of their coops, I was reluctant to do it. And if Martial Law happens at some point, they can confiscate personal property, so that is another deterrent.

Katie B
Jun 21
Replying to

Thank you!

I wouldn't let those deterrents stop you from having chickens :) You can easily keep rodents out of your coop with hardware cloth wire sheeting - this is what's best for coops for the protection from predators as well. If you keep their food in another place and keep things tidy, rodent problems shouldn't get out of control. Cats help too :) They can definitely confiscate property but since we don't know what will happen, I'd hate for you to miss out on the food independence and joy of having chickens :)


K Pierce
K Pierce
Jun 15

Thank you for the picture of the puppy. 😊

Katie B
Jun 21
Replying to

We need more pictures of puppies in these times :)


Jun 14

Pleasant Hill Grain periodically puts canned meats and bulk grains on sale. Sign up fir their newsletter - they don't spam. Also please HIDE your preps in creative places and ways. FEMA has granted themselves the authority to confiscate them in a declared emergency, and not just food, but fuel incl wood; building materials; tools; even tractors and other equipment.

Katie B
Jun 21
Replying to

That's great advice! Thank you.

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